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This Pillowcase is Quickly Becoming the Best Selling Gift of 2022

This Pillowcase is Quickly Becoming the Best Selling Gift of 2022

You’re probably thinking “What’s all the hype about?” Find out for yourself why these silk pillowcases are life-changing. 

Cleo’s Story

Cleo started out just like any other, sleeping on cotton pillowcases every night, not knowing the world of silk she had yet to discover. She frequently noticed that she would get very hot during her sleep, causing her to toss and turn. Also, she was waking up with dry, frizzy hair and felt as though her skincare products were being wiped away on her pillowcase.

“I was spending the night at my friend, Jennifer’s, house and we were playing games and cooking desserts as we always do. When it’s time for bed, I notice that Jennifer’s pillowcase is shiny and doesn’t look exactly like my pillowcases at home. Once I touched the fabric, I was shocked at how incredibly soft it was and how luxurious it felt.” Cleo explains that she asked Jennifer, “Oh my goodness! This is the softest thing ever! You sleep on this?” to which Jennifer chucked and said, “Yes! Can you believe it? It’s my real silk pillowcase that I got from Tafts and it has made the world of a difference in my sleep. Try it out tonight and you’ll see what I mean.”

Although the pillowcase was soft and beautiful, Cleo wasn’t necessarily expecting sleep improvements or any changes in her hair/skin from just one night. However, when she woke up the next morning, she was in awe. 

“I couldn’t believe it! The Tafts Home pillowcase kept me so cool all night; I never felt hot or sweaty! Plus, my hair felt smooth and my skin was so moisturized! I went home and ordered two for myself and also had to order some as gifts for my mom and sister so they could experience it too. Even my brother soon got jealous and had to get some of his own.”

Now, let’s dive into the world of silk pillowcase benefits!

Benefits for Your Sleep

Do you frequently have trouble sleeping? Do you have problems with getting too hot or too cold during your sleep? Tafts silk pillowcases are made with 100% pure mulberry silk, making them super soft and breathable, allowing air to pass through. The silk is a natural thermoregulator which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Additionally, your head retains roughly 10% of your body heat, meaning a cooling pillowcase may be a perfect option for those struggling to sleep due to temperature. 

With our Tafts 100% mulberry silk pillowcases, you won’t wake up in the middle of the night to flip your pillowcase to the cool side. Enjoy an interruption-free and restful, deep sleep.

Benefits for Your Hair

Have you ever styled your hair in the evening in the hopes of saving time in the morning, just to wake up with frizzy and ruined hair? Sleeping on cotton causes friction on the hair that pulls and tugs at it, ruining your styled hair in your sleep. This friction can also lead to tangles and breakage. 

According to hairstylists, silk pillowcases reduce the friction put on your hair, which allows you to preserve your style and wake up with smoother, tangle-free hair. "Silk pillowcases reduce friction and are not as absorbent of moisture, therefore they can reduce frizziness and help you maintain moisture [in your hair] throughout the night," says Joseph Maine, celebrity hair stylist and co-founder of Trademark Beauty. 

The benefits of silk pillowcases are not reserved to one hair type, but can be beneficial for all different types of hair. However, those with fine or blonde hair may find it especially beneficial. "Blonde hair tends to be more fragile, so the silk will help prevent more damage. Also, curly hair tends to get frizzy with the friction of cotton, so the silk will help the hair 'glide' instead," says Shelly Aguirre, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago.

Whether you’re looking for a silk pillowcase for curly hair, thin, straight hair, or anything in between, you’re in for a treat!

Benefits for Your Skin

Your pillowcase is in direct contact with your skin while you sleep, which is approximately a third of the entire day. This makes it so important to choose a pillowcase that is going to work for your skin, rather than against it. Pillowcases made from other fabrics, such as cotton, create friction and absorb your skin’s moisture and skin care products. 

Overtime, those facial oils and lotions can build up and create a germy breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria can clog your pores and lead to blemishes, dryness, irritation, and more.

With the Tafts 100% mulberry silk pillowcases, you can apply your moisturizer, serums, and eye creams with peace of mind as the silk will not absorb these products. When you wake up, your skin won’t feel dry, damaged, or dirty. Our pillowcase is even suitable for those with the most sensitive skin. 

Additionally, by allowing your skin to stay hydrated, the silk pillowcase also reduces the chance of sleep wrinkles, which occur due to friction while you sleep. The smooth, silky pillowcase creates a gentle environment where your skin can repair itself overnight. Yes to morning glow!

Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial- Perfect for Those with Allergies

Your cotton pillowcase is gathering bacteria and germs every single night as you sleep. Imagine all the grime and oil from your sweat, sebum, skincare, hair oil, etc. just hyper breeding on your pillowcase. Not to mention, your pillow could be home to dust mites and allergens. 

Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial so pollutants can not attach themselves to the pillowcase and mess with your allergies or add bacteria to your sleeping space.

Clean with No Worries!

The Tafts silk pillowcases can be machine washed on cold with a gentle wash cycle and left to air dry. You can machine wash it repeatedly without worrying about it getting ruined. 

Other Benefits and Good Stuff

Tafts silk pillowcases are approved by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, meaning that every component of the item, including every thread, fiber, and button has been tested for harmful substances and that the item is absolutely harmless for human health. 

Our pillowcases were designed in Texas!

Take a Look at Some Testimonials

We love these silk pillowcases, and we’re sure you will too! Just check out some of our raving customer silk pillowcase reviews. 

“Upon first touch I noticed how soft the fabric truly is. I’ve used many satin fabrics and even a silk/satin blend. They don’t compare to this fabric. I would describe it as almost moisturized, like the fabric itself has moisturizing properties. I’ve noticed a difference in the balance and clarity of my skin, and it is possible that this pillowcase contributed to these results.” - Amazon Customer

“Sleeping on it actually feels like nothing. I did not notice tossing or turning because it is really soft and smooth on your face. I noticed that after sleeping with the silk for a week that when I went back to cotton for a night that my face was more sensitive to the rougher fabric.” - Sean & Fran

“I love how luxurious they feel and how it definitely puts some more shine into my hair and I've seen a difference in my skin in being a little brighter and with less blemishes and break outs. It's so nice and cool and I think breathes really well so you don't have the tendency to turn over your pillow in the middle of the night when it can get over heated. I definitely recommend this product and after doing two washes, these stand up to the quality and still feel brand new!” - Andrea

“I love how they stay cool to the touch all night, and I even saw an improvement in my skin the longer I slept on these. (That's huge for someone prone to stress breakouts, like me.)”  - Stephanie

“The main reason I’ve been looking for a silk pillow case is because of the benefits they are known to have for your skin and hair. My aesthetician recommended that I get one and I wanted to find something that didn’t break the bank. After ordering several other brands in the past and being disappointed, I really think I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for.” -Mack

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